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        国际会议:IEEE APAP2019 Call for Paper
        发布时间:2019年01月21日 12:18    作者:    点击:[]

        2019 IEEE 8th International Conference on Advanced Power System

        Automation and Protection


        2019 IEEE  8th International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection (APAP2019)   will be held during October 21-24, 2019, in Xian, China, with the theme as" New Challenge and Development in Power System Automation and Protection". This conference is sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong university,  IEEE and CSEE.

        IEEE APAP2019 will include keynotes and invited speeches, plenary sessions, dedicated workshops, oral presentations, and poster sessions on different topics including but not limited to:

        1.Protection and Control for HVDC and AC Hybrid Power systems

        2.Protection and Control for Modern Distributed Network

        3. Smart Substation and Communication

        4.Power Equipment on-line Monitoring and Protection

        5. AI & Big DATA Applications in Smart Grid

        6.Power System Resilience

        Participants of the APAP2019 are kindly invited to submit a paper. All papers will be reviewed and the accepted paper will be presented at the conference orally or by poster.

        Important dates:

        1. Abstract Submission Deadline:          April 30, 2019

        2. Abstract Acceptance Notification:     May 31, 2019

        3. Draft  Paper Submission Deadline:    July 15, 2019

        4. Paper Acceptance Notification:          August 15,2019

        For more detailed information, please visit www.apap2019.org or contact apap2019@xjtu.edu.cn

        Please contact us if you would like to propose and organize a session, a panel, a workshop, or a special forum in  the Conference.

        You are invited to participate in this great event for sharing ideas, friendship and culture in the long history and  hospitality city-Xi'an.

        APAP2019 included in IEEE Xplore,indexed by EI.

        The committee of APAP2019


        The conference information  can also be obtained through IEEE WEB site using the following link:



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