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        [Call for paper] Special Issue of International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems
        发布时间:2019年03月09日 23:45    作者:    点击:[]

        Advanced modeling, asset management and control technologies for integration of large scale wind power into electrical power systems

        The role of wind power generation has become significant in modern power systems due to its growing penetration level. The continuously increasing scale of modern wind farms and turbines has brought new challenges to system operation, including power quality, system reliability, stability, operation & maintenance, planning and others. To cope with the aforementioned problems, contemporary wind farms are required to meet increasingly more stringent technical requirements by system operators. To be specific, the individual wind turbines should have the capability of Fault-Ride Through (FRT) to remain connected to the grid during faults to maintain the system stability. Besides, modern wind farms are expected to become grid-friendly and required to support the system if necessary, i.e. to provide ancillary services. These services include voltage and frequency regulation, supplemental reserve/black-start, power oscillation damping, etc. Different hierarchical levels of wind power control, including individual wind turbines, wind farms, and wind farm clusters, need to be properly coordinated. The studies on proper modeling of wind power for different study purposes, advanced wind power control technologies (e.g. optimal linear/non-linear control, robust control), and coordination with additional devices (e.g. energy storage, SVC, SVG), are highly demanded to enhance the integration level. The need for efficient asset management, supervision and operational life time prognostics of individual units, or entire wind farms has also been identified, motivating work on implementation of advanced sensing, inspection, data mining, modeling, condition monitoring and ICT technologies for this purpose. Applications related to visualization tools, advanced early warning systems, open loop control, have been also identified to be critically important for optimal integration and utilization of wind farms.

        Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

        ·         Modeling of wind turbine/wind farm/wind cluster for different study purposes

        ·         Power system analysis methods for systems with large scale wind power integration

        ·         Availability analysis of ancillary services

        ·         Novel DC and HVDC connection design for the wind farm

        ·         Novel FRT control design

        ·         Novel controller design for ancillary service provided by wind power generators/farms

        ·         Wind farm level control strategies to deal with the environmental concerns (noise, etc.)

        ·         Coordination of wind power and additional devices (energy storage, SVC, SVG, and etc.)

        ·         Wind power forecasting

        ·         Improved monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic solutions for turbine systems/subassemblies and farms

        Important Dates:

        Submission open: June 1st 2019

        Submission deadline: September 1st 2019

        Completion of review and revision: January 1st 2020

        Guest Editors:

        Prof. Haoran Zhao

        Shandong University

        Prof. Zhe Chen

        Aalborg University

        Prof. Michael Negnevitsky

        University of Tasmania

        Prof. Kai Strunz

        Technical University of Berlin

        Prof. Peng Zhang

        University of Connecticut

        Dr. Sinisa Djurovic

        University of Manchester

        Prof. Yongning Chi

        China Electrtic Power Research Institute

        Prof. Lei Ding

        Shandong Unviersity

        Prof. Weihao Hu

        University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


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